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Derigran NV was founded in 1981 by Belgian and English* private partners. With their >30 years of experience as brokers on an payroll-base for a international office and with the support of their international customer base, the founders wanted to bring brokerage to a higher level.

From the start Derigran focused on niche-markets of feedstuffs and co-products from the food-, milling- and starch-industry for the compound feed-industry.

To guarantee continuity and respect towards the basic and prime philosophy, the business was sold in 1999 to the actual private owners, demanding a personal involvement and active roll in the daily business. All this after a thorough and sound transfer of knowledge, principia and deontological basic rules.

In 2002 in the light of the European evolution towards one big European market (EU-15/23/25/27/), a new international department was created. First independent under a proper name but in the meantime fully integrated.

At the same time on their main market, Derigran kept growing in tonnage, customer base as well as in staff, never breaking the basic rule;  A broker has to guarantee full neutrality. A broker never can be the owner of the goods.

For actual numbers we refer to the Facts/Figures-part of our website.

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