Adapt to the market ! Adapt to CHANGE !

1   Globalization of the market

2   Type of products traded, specialization in a product-line

3   Customer focused, to create added value
4   Quality and security G.M.P. / traceability
5   Growing administration shrinking purchase departments
6   Declining market in North-Europe (Holland, Belgium,...)
From the basic brokers function, Derigran evolved in its reach for added value,
towards full account-management !

basic brokers

full account-management

added value

- Market information
- Searching sellers/buyers
- Obtaining the right price         
- Market research/Scouting
- Product analyses, technical specs.
- Quality and security issues
- Safety/Audit/GMP-issues
- Arbitrage
- Portfolio-follow-up
- Logistic solutions follow-up
- Delivery/supply just in time
- Administration follow-up
      transport documents
      quality/control doc.
      billing + payment